Sunday, December 29, 2013

I See... The Top 25 Mormon Third Eye Blogposts!

Apparently the end of the year is the perfect time to produce various Top 10 and 20 lists of everybody’s favorite something.  The Mormon Third Eye has been pumping out unconventional yet palatable wisdom on LDS life, family, and culture almost every Sunday (except for this one) for over six years, so we thought it was time we shamelessly promoted our own Top 25 list. 

How to Make the Top 25

If making the Top 25 was merely a function of being popular, the list would be a ruthless, scientific sort of posts that garnered the most hits and would look something like this (for brevity’s sake, only the top 10 are included here:

The Real Top Twenty

However, the Mormon Third Eye has never been about being popular; it has always focused on the interesting, provocative and awkwardly inspirational.  It’s also always about me- what did I enjoy writing the most? With that in mind, I respectfully, finally, reward the discriminating MTE reader who has made it this far with… the Mormon Third Eye Top 25  Blogposts!

22- The two-part expose on homeless men in the church;
17- The most efficient way to sin AND repent:
16- The priesthood law of chili preparation;
12- When is it OK to yell at yourwife?
8- Exposing the CTR Ring;
7- Life according to PST- ProphetStandard Time;

And…the number one MTE blogpost for 2007-2013 is…

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