Sunday, March 18, 2012

I See... Twenty Million Years

A few weeks ago my wife and I were discussing life over a romantic after-dinner dishwashing date. She was washing and I was drying. I reminisced tenderly: “ How long have we been married?” My wife fired back quickly; “It's been about twenty million years!”

Any normal Mormon husband might have been offended by this response. It would be too easy to interpret this remark with negative, sinister implications that life with me is an episode of endurance that has dragged only 28 years of marital bliss into what may seem like twenty million years of mere existing with the same person in the same universe.

However, the Mormon Third Eye sees beyond easy interpretation and peers into the eternity of endless possibilities. After a few minutes of looking at life through MTE glasses, I fast-forwarded twenty million years into the future and saw in my mind's eye standing next to my wife engaged in a similar conversation. It was a quiet, romantic conversation, only this time we weren't doing dishes. We were now looking down at a universe populated with worlds without number we had created and a host of spirit children of our own. I asked my wife again- “How long have we been married?” and she answered with righteous pride, “ Oh, it's been about twenty million years...”

This time she was right.

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