Sunday, May 1, 2011

I See... When it's OK to Yell at Your Wife

Every modern Mormon male knows that it is almost never right to raise their voice at their soul mate. Almost. Both a modern and an ancient prophet pointed out the two exceptions, which are critical for all conscientious husbands to be aware of; if the day comes that you have to yell at her, you want to make sure you don't miss the opportunity.

The first exception was explained by President David O. McKay: “Let husband or wife never speak in loud tones to each other, ‘Unless the house is on fire.” I taught this principle often to the youth of our ward many years ago, but I had no idea they were listening until just recently. I was socializing at a wedding reception when the young wife of one of the young men in my priests quorum of many years ago struck up a conversation.”Bishop,” she started out with a strained voice, “did you know that my husband yelled at me a few months ago!” I was momentarily stunned and immediately glared angrily towards her husband. It was a setup. He smiled a crooked smile then fired back in defense- “but Bishop! The house was really on fire! A grease fire that started on the stove rapidly engulfed the kitchen! I yelled at her through the smoke to get her out there!”

The second exception was presented by the prophet Lehi in about 600 BC. In his legendary dream of the tree of life, after partaking of the fruit of the tree of life that filled his soul with joy, he saw his wife, Sariah, wandering and lost in the distance. The scriptures then point out that he “beckoned unto them; and I also did say unto them with a loud voice that they should come unto me, and partake of the fruit.” He yelled at her out of love.

The constant in both cases is a husband trying to save either the temporal or eternal life of his marriage partner. The moral of these stories is “save a life – yell at your wife.” Sisters, if your husband is yelling at you, take a quick, careful look at where you are – your life may be in danger!


  1. Great post. Thanks for the reminder and perhaps gentle admonition of how we as husbands should treat our wives, and presented in such a way that if we are falling short, which I assume many of us are, necessary course correction will emerge.

    1. Mormonism is based on false doctrine of lands that never existed. Native Americans are of Mongolian descent, not Jewish. Jesus is not Lucifers brother and will never go to Missouri. Seek truth.

  2. I raised my voice when my wife told me native americans were of Jewish descent. DNA proves they are of Mongolian descent. Also, I raised my voice when she told me that no map existed of the lands of the Book of Mormon that was geographically, archeologically and historically accurate. I said 'am I supposed to pick and choose what might be true?' Mormonism is a crock - a false doctrine. Adam thought he'd be like God if he ate the fruit. Same lie repackaged is taught by Mormonism. Please seek real truth.... Your souls depend on it.