Sunday, May 8, 2011

I See... Captain Moroni Leading Seal Team Six

Only the Mormon Third Eye sees the connection between Mother's Day and the mercy killing of Usama Bin Laden. In the spirit of likening the scriptures unto ourselves, it saw what would happen if Captain Moroni had led the stripling warriors of Seal Team Six into Usama Bin Laden's compound last weekend? No doubt the final result would have been the same, but how would their last encounter have unfolded? Perhaps something like this:

(Scene opens in the dark chaotic bedroom of Usama Bin Laden)

Narrator: And thus were the Americans in those dangerous circumstances in the beginning of the two hundred and thirty sixth year of the reign of the Constitution over the people of America...

The Captain: Behold, Usama Bin Laden, that we do not desire to be men of blood. Ye know that ye are in our hands, yet we do not desire to slay you. Behold, we have not come out to battle against you that we might shed your blood for power; neither do we desire to bring any one to the yoke of bondage... But now, ye behold that the Lord is with us; and ye behold that he has delivered you into our hands. And now I would that ye should understand that this is done unto us because of our religion and our faith in Christ. And now ye see that ye cannot destroy this our faith.

Usama: I am Usama Bin Laden, the king of Al Qaida; I am a holy brother of the Taliban whom ye have murdered. Behold, I will avenge their blood upon you, yea, and I will come upon you with my Jihad for I fear not your threatenings... Behold, ye have breathed out many threatenings against me and my people; but behold, we fear not your threatenings!

The Captain: Behold, I would tell you somewhat concerning the justice of God; Yea, I would tell you these things if ye were capable of hearkening unto them; yea, I would tell you concerning that awful hell that awaits to receive such murderers as thou and thy brethren have been; But as ye have once rejected these things, and have fought against the people of America, even so I may expect you will do it again. it supposeth me that I talk to you concerning these things in vain; or it supposeth me that thou art a child of hell!

Usama: And as concerning that God whom ye say we have rejected, behold, we know not such a being; neither do ye; but if it so be that there is such a being, we know not but that he hath made us as well as you. And if it so be that there is a devil and a hell, behold will he not send you there to dwell with my brethren whom ye have murdered, whom ye have hinted that he hath gone to such a place? But behold these things matter not.

The Captain: Behold, I am in my anger, and also my people; ye have sought to murder us, and we have only sought to defend ourselves. But behold, if ye seek to destroy us more we will seek to destroy you. (turns to Teancum, one of his stripling Seal Team Six Members) Teancum, shoot him in the heart, so that he dies immediately.

Captain Moroni and his men first learned about freedom at home on their mother's knees, as I'm sure many of the soldiers of Seal Team Six did. There they learned right from wrong and planted the seeds of integrity and honor that would rise straight and true in adulthood. Their mothers knew it and now so did they. The cost of defending the freedom to be raised this way is paid in losing yourself in the service of your nation and your God.

Mommies, the next time a little one destroys a diaper, or a big one comes home with a dented fender, find comfort in the knowledge that your diligence in righteous nurturing and training at home leads to saving nations and souls.


  1. I suppose everyone sees events through different colored glasses. I don't think for a minute that Captain Moroni would have gone into a foreign land, thousands of miles away from his people, and killed a defenseless man and others because 10 years ago they engineered and carried out a horrible attack on the World Trade Center. Since that time America has caused the death of ten times or a hundred times or a thousand times as many people as the Taliban. America has engaged in an offensive war, not to defend our land and homes and families, and we have been punished as a people these last ten years and will be as long as we continue offensive wars. Who knows what Captain Moroni really would have done, but I believe he would have forgiven.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    The irony of your comments is that the work of our soldiers in far-off lands is done so that you enjoy the privilege of expressing alternative views. That's why I'm permitting your post- I believe in your freedom of expression, even if I disagree with you. Ex. your post would be censored in China and several Middle Eastern and Latin American countri.

  3. Love the post. Interesting how so many people get caught up in the propoganda, much from our own media, that America is the bad guy. If I understand the facts correctly, Usama was still the head of Al Queada, and this organization is still out to destroy America.