Sunday, November 22, 2009

I See... A Beautiful Flower

My teenage daughter is beautiful flower. That's the only way I could explain to her the perils of steady dating before she turns 18.

Sure, I could have quoted her inspired counsel from the “For the Stength of Youth” pamphlet, or from any number of modern-day prophets and apostles. I could have gone into excruciating detail (excruciating for a teen) about how the intense and deeply emotional bonds generated by steady dating are divinely designed connections that God has reserved to keep married couples together during difficult times. I could have discussed about how steady dating between emotionally immature individuals opens an inviting door to sexual intimacy reserved for matrimony. Actually, I did teach all these gospel principles, but I had to do it through the parable of the beautiful flower with one who understands well how flowers grow. This is how God often communicates with us- in ways we can understand.

Beautiful flowers are sweet-smelling, eye-pleasing creations of nature that are meant for many people to enjoy. It is appropriate to approach close to the flower to become more familiar with its beauty and fragrant aroma, but holding the flower by its petals will quickly destroy it. Later on, at the right time, the flower will be cut by the stem and brought inside the house for the exclusive enjoyment of the owner.

I think you know how the rest of the parable goes.


  1. Nice post. I'm not looking forward to those discussions.

  2. stupid, stupid, SUPER STUPID!!! horrible post,it dont even make sense!!! i could write better than that...gosh... i dont think carson calderwood has a brain if he likes this writing, i write more touching and heart warming stuff than this lozer

  3. Anonymous,

    You're lucky we won the war in Heaven-- the right to be wrong. That's why I posted your comment although I violently disagree with it. You have the right to be wrong, and you have exercised it.