Saturday, November 14, 2009

I See... Raw Spirituality

Unbridled passion. Unvarnished truth. Unwavering commitment. This is the time and place to experience new heights of surging emotions. What am I talking about? A World Wrestling Federation Smackdown? Democrats and Republicans slinging vicious mud across congressional chambers? Road rage on the beltway?

Nope. I'm talking the unbridled passion, unvarnished truth, unwavering commitment, and unwashed faces conveyed in the raw spirituality that floods LDS chapels across the flooded plain in October when sacrament meetings are taken over by pure primary spirits- the Primary Program. In decades of Octobers I've witnessed sunbeams shouting about popcorn on apricot trees and youthful narrators inviting Congress to sing with them. There have been seven-year old bumbling boys burping their way through memorized parts and five-year giggly girls freezing at the podium when it was their turn to quote scripture. I've endured choppy presentations that seemed to be lifted directly from a Three Stooges short; on the other hand, the program I enjoyed last Sunday was choreographed so flawlessly that the Primary President could have been planning military operations from the Pentagon.

What is so amazing is that on any other occasion, what I've described above would be distractions. But when the primary girls and boys start singing about trying to be like Jesus, my eyes become wet and I'm prompted to look around the chapel for Him. Primary programs open a direct connection to heaven. Children without guile emit... raw spirituality.


  1. Amen Bishop! I can always feel the spirit when I hear primary children sing songs about Christ.

  2. It's something to look forward to every October...