Sunday, December 7, 2008

I See... More on the Homeless in the Church

I am soooo sorry! Last week, I chastised the men of the church for being “home less;” not spending enough time with their families. I really meant to explain how homeless men are actually central to Heavenly Father's Plan for the eternal destiny and happiness of all his children. Confused yet? I am soooo embarrassed! I realized that it was just a matter of a misplaced space- it was my intent to talk about great men without homes, the homeless - not men who are “home less.”.

Two of the greatest men in the history of man were homeless for the important portions of their mortal lives; John the Baptist and the Savior himself. John, identified by Jesus as the greatest prophet born among women, was the “voice of him that cryeth in the wilderness,” even as he lived homeless in the wilderness. Our Savior Jesus Christ, born “homeless” in a stable, started the most important stage of his life, his three-year ministry, as homeless. The most precious and powerful gems of the gospel were shared during this short period.

Today there are tens of thousands of great men and women who have left home to become the lifeblood of the living church. We call them fulltime missionaries. At first, both they and their parents are homesick; but then, with time, and with the experience that comes only through study, pondering, prayer and selfless service, the spirit whispers convincingly to their souls that there is something more important than their own home. They become charged with the charge to bring Heavenly Father's children home through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those that believe, repent, and are baptized will come to know that they came from a heavenly home to learn what they need to learn and do what they need to do to return home.

This is one of many beautiful ironies of the gospel- the homeless lead us home.


  1. I just got caught up on my Mormon Third Eye blog. I enjoyed all of the posts I read and got a good giggle out of some of it :o)

    I must say though, that those oogie eyes are yucky looking! (how do you like that English grammer??)

    Anyway, I appreciate your insight and I know why my Bryan is such a fan of yours!

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  4. I finally made it to your site and I am pleasantly entertained. I'll definately be back.
    Hampstead Second Ward? I haven't been gone that long, have I?

  5. I heard it was your birthday today...Happy birthday! I hope you will soon not be "homeless" (per the previous post, not this one)!