Sunday, December 28, 2014

I See… A Family Christmas

Everyone agrees that Christmas is a time for families, but do we know why? What makes this season a great reason for families to spend time together? What is the significance? The Mormon Third Eye sees all. It knows.

We just concluded a great Christmas season with our own family. The kids came home from college and together we reinforced some old family traditions and created some new ones. You can read more about past Christmases here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. No one should be alone during this time of the year, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes this possible for those who choose to believe.  While all of us would prefer to spend the holidays with our families, budgets and circumstances rarely permit this privilege every December.  We all have brothers and sisters, sons or daughters, parents or grandparents, or even spouses who are serving missions, serving in the military, or perhaps merely surviving on tight budgets that keep us apart.  The world would have us think that time away from our earthly families during Christmas is time wasted. But those of us with knowledge of and faith in the Plan of Salvation find comfort in nurturing testimonies of a divine family; a Heavenly Father and Mother who raised us in a pre-earth state to come here and learn from the wonders of mortal life.  Whether we are auspiciously alone on a battlefield, a missionary apartment, a dorm room, or even in a crowded mall of distant strangers, there will always be heavenly parents looking after us during Christmas. This fact, in fact, is the reason for spreading news of the season; that there is a Savior, Jesus Christ, the immortal son of God, who came to earth that we might come to know our divine heritage and who we really are.

And when we know, we are never alone… even on Christmas- a time for families- eternal families. 

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