Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I See… A Misfit Christmas Eve Party

What is a “Misfit Christmas Party?” What is a “misfit?” Literally, it is something that “does not fit.”

When Deon and I were young and married and in love (now we just have two of those! Hopefully you guess the right ones!), we left our extended family behind in the West to seek our fame and fortune in Maryland. We found neither, but we did meet a lot of neat people as equally displaced as we were. Around Christmas time each year, which is supposed to be spent with your family (look it up- it’s in the rulebook), we found no place to “fit;” there was no room at the family inn because it was way out West, and your federal tax dollars that pay my salary never grew fast enough on our money tree to pay for holiday trips.

So, after too many years of pouting, we decided to start holding a “Misfit Christmas Eve Party,” especially designed for all those neat people, that for whatever reason, were not able to fit in with their own families that night. This night we treat each other as family; we consume mountains of food, play silly games that families play, and wrap up the festivities with a good old-fashioned amateur talent night, Christmas caroling around the piano, and the story of the birth of Christ from Luke 2. The Charlie Brown Christmas Dance Contest, enjoyed by misfits of all ages, is the most recent successful addition.

We think we have been holding this party every Christmas Eve for 9-10 years and have been richly blessed because of it. We now have misfit members of our family scattered across the United States.

We hope you found some place to fit in this Christmas.

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