Sunday, December 9, 2012

I See... The Best Place to be for Christmas

Where is the best place to be for Christmas? Instinctively the classic strains of Bing Crosby’s “I’ll be Home for Christmas” comes to mind.  Some people claim that spending the Christmas season with family and friends is critical.  I’ve spent at least one Christmas in Arizona, Disneyworld, Utah, California, Maryland, and even a few in Korea; each place has its own memory worth keeping. If you ask Google Images the question, the answer is Castleton, England (below):

I know people who spend their Christmases in homeless shelters and food kitchens, both as volunteer workers and mandatory patrons.  Certainly they are blessed for their humility and service, but is it really the best place to be for Christmas?

Perhaps the best place to be for Christmas is not a location but a state of mind.  I grew up poor. Not dirt poor, but poor enough to know I had a lot less than those around me.  Hence I grew up wanting things, especially around Christmastime when it was possible I may actually get something.  During my poor mission days, starving student days, and struggling young family daze, there was always an essential element I needed or wanted-  food, clothing, shelter, chocolate, laptop computers, etc…

Now, with my 53rd Christmas approaching, my wife coyly asked me what I wanted this year.  I looked around me and thought long and deep about my life, family, home, and faith in Christ, struggling to find a need or want worthy of a gift.  Nothing came to mind. Then it dawned me I had it all. With all my needs and wants met this season, I could spend December wholly celebrating the birth of the Savior and the good news of the Gospel.

A world without want. That’s the best place to be for Christmas!

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