Sunday, December 28, 2008

I See... People Presents

We just completed another successful Christmas. Why? Because its all about us. Power to the people!

The world would have us concentrate on superficial frankincense and myrrh. God wants us to focus on the gift of His Son. As in all things, He set the example for us on this holiday. He gave us a “people present,” His only Begotten Son, and He wants us to give people presents too.

Does this mean He wants us to sacrifice our children? I hope not. It does mean that He wants us to give up a part of ourselves, as He has done, so that others may be happy. Our time means more than our money. A homemade gift or an act of service for someone else, especially for someone you may never know, and who may never know you, is a “people present” that could last forever in the warm memories of both the recipient and the donor.

Several years ago a young couple with several young children was just making ends meet. Barely. He was in graduate school, and she was spending her days chasing those young children around a small apartment. They were poor, really poor, but happy. The highlight of their year was taking the whole family to McDonald's for french fries. They loved those fries.

One Christmas several years ago the family received a mysterious package in the mail, addressed from Santa Claus. Inside were hundreds of dollars of McDonald's gift certificates – what probably equated to year's supply of Monday night french fries! The young couple were delighted by the timely gift, but with no one to thank, all they could do is turn their grateful hearts towards God.

I had one of my best Christmases ever this year, piled high with people presents. I enjoyed the presence of 40+ temporary family members at our annual Christmas Eve Misfits Party. My missionary son called home, and my daughter came home from school- the best presents of the year.

Thank God for people presents.

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  1. I love this! I had a great "people" Christmas too!

    (Such a boring comment I know but you are a hard act to follow!)