Sunday, January 4, 2009

I See.... Change I Want to Believe In

The New Year is a season of renewed commitment to that which is new, noble, and ennobling. It is the most popular and opportune moment of the year to seek and implement meaningful change. The most momentous change in this New Year is the inauguration of a new President who ran on a platform of change - “change you can believe in.”

I did not vote for Mr. Obama – he may have offered change during the campaign, but not change I could believe in. Now that he has been elected by an electorate worn down by our unfolding economic nightmare, however, I have vowed to give him the benefit of all my doubts and hold him to his word. I want him to usher in the New Year with a resolution to orchestrate change I can believe in.

The change I'm looking for is a change in Mr. Obama. I believe in leaders that subscribe to high moral standards of personal and public governance, and are capable of projecting that vision to democracy-empowered masses (can you say Ronald Reagan?). There is no doubt that he possesses the innate charisma to connect with us, but what is the true morality of his message? As we pick politicians to follow, we need to make sure that the nobility of their message matches their character and charisma. Otherwise, we may run the risk of being stuck with the same type of leader that 1/3 of God's spirit children ended up following into the War of Heaven – a charismatic leader with a wrong plan to enslave mankind.

Hence, I want to embrace an Obama administration directed by a president willing to make a change in breaking with the past that molded him. Mr. Obama cultured his moral compass in the confines of an eternally corrupt Chicago political machine that eventually taints many of those who grow up in it. The state of Illinois enjoys a rich, long tradition of graft and corruption at the highest levels - the governor's office is the most popular position for those wishing to wield unrighteous dominion. It may have started as far back as the 1840's, with a Governor Ford permitting clear and violent violations of God-given and constitutionally-mandated freedoms by the mobs that mercilessly drove the Saints west in winter, all in the name of political expediency. It continues on a more secular level in modern times, with current Gov. Rod Blagojevich facing damning evidence prompting federal prosecutors to step in and arrest him because he was on "a political corruption crime spree." Ironically, and even more troubling, Gov. Blagojevich was elected in 2002 as a reformer promising to clean up after previous Gov. George Ryan, who is now finishing up a six-year prison term for political graft. Gov. Blagojevich had been the target of a three-year probe for hiring fraud; his current alleged crime is attempting to “sell” the political appointment of a senate seat vacated by... Barack Obama.

I want the apple to fall far from the tree. After Mr. Obama puts his hand on Lincoln's Bible and begins to direct the affairs of our one nation under God, I want him to show by the integrity and morality of his message and his appointments that he has thoroughly and completely disavowed his manipulated past in ethically starved Chicago politics.

This is change I want to believe in. Do you believe?

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