Sunday, October 8, 2017

I See... Spiritual Resurrection!

I guess we should have reserved this topic to accompany traditional Resurrection celebrations in April, but the Mormon Third Eye couldn't wait.

It's been almost two months since the Mormon Third Eye spoke, but that's OK. It's had too much to see and not enough nerve to write it down... until now. Why? Because it took him too long to learn through the spirit that the hardships he is currently enduring, the hardships that would tempt many to drop their scriptures and lay around mesmerized by ancient half-hour comedy classics trapped on television, was just God's massive way of launching him into a massive spiritual resurrection path.

The MTE learned that every great prophet before him walked similar paths. Adam had to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden before he could become the father of all nations; Nephi was beat up more than once on the way to the land promised to him; the Apostle Paul published much of his great revelation in the New Testament from a Roman jail cell; and Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered both before AND after heavenly visions.

So... I will continue to endure recovery from brain surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and suffer through long days and nights avoiding work I love; and more than anything else, I will do it surrounded by the selfless love of my wife and the support of casts of hundreds from my family, my church, and my office, all for the blessing of... a Spiritual Resurrection!

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