Sunday, October 15, 2017

I See... Why I am in Love with BYU Football

What is love? What is it not? And what does BYU Football have to do with it? It is important here to answer the last question first.

Commonly accepted logic would dictate that my love of BYU Football started my last year as a student there, when eons ago BYU won a national championship. Or could it be year after year of exciting passing and running plays when they were needed most to win a tight game?

But... The Mormon Third Eye knows better. Using the skills of its crack logic staff, it knows the real reason why- because it is the only team that wins even when it loses. Hard to believe? Read on and you'll find it hard not too.

BYU Football is about real life. It is not the so-called “perfect” team that wins every game. It lives life like me- dealing with the challenges and sorrows of loss as an opportunity to prepare for something greater. And just when you think it is the right time to give-up, it comes through with an inspirational victory that makes football worth fighting for.

BYU Football is too aware of it's almost perfect losing season. But it also knows that I will be at their next game this Saturday against Eastern Carolina University; and that like them, I'm enduring a terrible challenge of my own on my way to much greater glory.

BYU Football and me. Together again this Saturday afternoon. GO COUGARS! GO ME!

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