Sunday, August 23, 2015

I See... The "Sinbit!"

The Mormon Third Eye is constantly creating and innovating in its quest to improve the multidimensional lives of Latter-Day Saints around the world. It's latest invention? Introducing... the Sinbit!

To truly appreciate the convenience and power of a Sinbit, it's important to be familiar with it's more well-known secular cousin, the Fitbit. The Fitbit refers to a collection of wearable technology that constantly and automatically tracks and provides feedback on your physical fitness. This multipurpose marvel measures several indicators that can contribute to you overall physical health and well being; steps walked, calories burned, and duration and intensity of activity, including the quality of your sleep experience. Knowing all this information helps you make good decisions about what you eat and how much you exercise.

The Sinbit works much in the same way. It would consist of wearable technology that constantly reminds you of righteous thoughts and actions that need to occur to keep you clear and clean from sin. Oh... wait a minute... I think endowed Latter-Day Saints already have that. We call it.... Temple Garments!  

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