Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Hear... A Baby's Cry

For the first time in over 415+ weeks, instead of the Mormon Third Eye seeing the noteworthy, the Mormon Third Ear heard the remarkable.

It was a baby's shrieking cry in the close quarters of a jet plane transiting the deserts of Nevada during a recent business trip. I was missing my family, but was secretly wishing I could have also missed hearing about this youngster's extreme discomfort. It was the cry that all parents and travelers dread- the shriek of pain bursting out the miniature quivering lips of a very young baby; the window-rattling scream of newborn eardrums painfully pressurizing.
Then I was reminded by the Mormon Third Eye that I had heard a similar selection of screams a little over 20 years ago trapped on a long plane ride home from South Korea. While mentally juggling the excitement of finishing graduate school in Seoul with the apprehension of a different job on the East Coast, I was holding my own shrieking baby Bug in my spent arms. She too had fallen prey to the pressures of air pressure. There was nothing I could do other than hold her tight, hope that my neighbors understood her pain, and telepathically tempt her with the prophecy that life would get better.

It did!

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