Sunday, August 4, 2013

I See… The Three Degrees of Chocolate Milk

As glorious and fulfilling as they are, sometimes it can be difficult to fully wrap our puny mortal minds around divine dictates.  The Savior knew this; hence he taught in parables and encouraged us to “liken the scriptures unto ourselves.” 

Scriptural descriptions and modern-day inspired commentary about life after the resurrection struggle to accurately describe our potential living conditions. We have a lot of straight Dragnet-like facts- three kingdoms of glory, Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial, with several mansions in each kingdom according to righteousness; we’ll have perfect, physical bodies, and in each kingdom we’ll enjoy varying degrees of association and companionship with Deity.  Those mortal men given glimpses of these kingdoms, John the Revelator and Joseph Smith the latter-day prophet, both did their best to translate the divine down to earthly terms.  John described the surface of the earth at that great day as a sea of glass, and the Doctrine and Covenants compared the glory of each kingdom to the sun, moon, and stars.

However, for me to more fully appreciate the prospect of living forever in one of these kingdoms, I need comparisons using earthly substances more real and valuable to me as a flawed, imperfect human being- I choose chocolate milk. Hence, keep reading below to learn about the three degrees of chocolate milk.

A Glass of Chocolate Milk

There is nothing more satisfying on a hot, sticky day than a cold, tall glass of chocolate milk.  In the Telestial kingdom we’ll all receive cold, tall glasses of chocolate milk with free refills. I can’t wait!

A Carton of Chocolate Milk

Imagine your own personal upright 22 cubic ft. fridge completely packed with gallon cartons of chocolate milk.  You would know that after every glass of chocolate milk, there would be several more available. Such comfort and assurance is a privilege rarely available in our present state. This is the Terrestrial kingdom.

An Ocean of Chocolate Milk

You must go beyond imagination to contemplate conceivable conditions that could be equated to the Celestial Kingdom.  Picture in your mind’s eye for a moment an ocean of chocolate milk. You surf, swim, float, bathe, and play in it, and anytime you thirst for more, all you have to do is open your mouth and swallow! Oh… and you get to do all this with your family for eternity!

As a lover of chocolate, I would be satisfied with a tall cold glass of chocolate milk on a hot day.  I would ecstatic with my own fridge of chocolate milk. But wow! Who wouldn’t rather enjoy an ocean of chocolate milk at the beach with their families?  

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  1. Like the land of milk and honey, it sounds kind of sticky. ;)