Sunday, July 28, 2013

I See... Where Elvis Lives

It should not be a secret to regular MTE readers that I am an Elvis Presley aficionado. In fact, I am an Elvis “channeler.”  Anyway, ever since Elvis reportedly died from a drug overdose in 1977, there has been a shroud of mystery surrounding his true status.  There have been mounds of suspicious research conducted hinting at the possibility that Elvis is still alive, that his death was faked, etc. 

I know where Elvis lives.  He lives in the basement of my sister’s family in Tennessee. Let me explain. 

Approximately two-three years ago we were visiting my sister’s family in Nashville and partaking in a myriad  of family bonding activities, one of which was the Just Dance Video Game on the big screen in the basement. There was an array of grotesquely gyrating groins of various shapes, sizes, and generations involved, but nothing more spellbinding than 7-year old Henry dancing to Elvis’s “Viva Las Vegas” song using four remotes simultaneously! This amazing feat was seared into my consciousness.

Just a few weeks ago I was in someone’s elevator, and the Muzak version of Elvis’s “Viva Las Vegas” floated through the ceiling sound system. Instantly, my mind raced back, not to the fat sweaty middle-aged Elvis slurring songs on the Strip but to young nephew Henry assuming the roles of four dancing contestants simultaneously and keeping up with the computer version of Elvis singing “Viva Las Vegas.”  In my sister’s basement- where Elvis lives. 

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