Sunday, August 11, 2013

I See… Daddy-Daughter Drama


She was petrified. Frozen with fear. Little four-year old Suzy Beewhyyou would not ever, ever join the other darling little primary prince and princesses up on the stand for their sacrament meeting musical program.  Everyone would be staring at her, and she would be standing up there all alone hundreds of feet away from the loving lap of her Daddy.  

Daddy Beewhyyou immediately sensed Suzy’s emotional seizure and sought to comfort her with small words of encouragement. “Suzy,” he stroked her hair gently, “when you are up there with the other children, I want you to look straight at me.  I will be looking straight at you, and everything will be alright.” Suzy then found the courage to scurry up front and join her Primary friends. As she timidly sung about what happens when “daddy comes home,” she fixated her little girl stare on Daddy, and everything was ok.

A few months later Daddy Beewhyyou sat petrified on his family pew listening to the somber prelude music.  The end was near. He hadn’t given a talk in his big Utah ward for many years, but now it was his turn. In a few moments he would have to make that long walk up to the stand and sit nervously in front of the congregation during sacrament meeting until it was his time to mumble awkward grunts from the pulpit about following the spirit, his assigned talk subject from the bishopric.  He was doomed to failure.

At that moment of his darkest despair, Suzy bounced into his lap as she did every Sunday morning before church started. Suzy sensed his desperate fear and sought to comfort him. She tickled his face delightfully with her curly hair and whispered in his ear: “Don’t worry Daddy. When you are up there  giving your talk, look straight at me, and I will look straight at you, and everything will be alright."

And it was. 

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