Sunday, August 25, 2013

I See… Life in an Alternate Universe

Life in an alternate universe is fascinating. To read my last account two years ago, look here.

A few weeks ago I was driving youth to a church activity. We had some time in the car to kill so I decided to interrogate two visiting young women about the youth activities in their ward in the Midwest. They excitedly told me all the cool and fun activities they were doing related to… family history! I saw true enjoyment emanating from their eye sockets as they told story after story about how many generations they had discovered on a particular line, or how as a YW class activity they had visited a few old cemeteries and recorded vital personal details of the dead residents there for budding genealogists to use later. “It was soooooo cool!” they bubbled.

One of the young women shared a gripping narrative about her and her boyfriend, an American Indian, romantically researching his past together to find out that he was related to a noted tribal chieftain. Apparently they spent several dates doing family history, and as a thankful, romantic gesture of his gratitude, he gave her a feather, which she kept with her always. She reverently pulled it out of her purse and showed it to me, as if it was an expensive piece of jewelry with their names engraved on it. I guess that in this alternate universe, maybe it was.

Later that evening I was yanked back into the reality from which I am penning this post by a short TV clip about two famous young female movie stars, popular icons that  I’m sure many young  girls of today worship because of their superior beauty, wit, and fashion sense,  that had been arrested for drunk driving and drug abuse.  I enjoyed my short trip to that alternate universe and I hope to visit more often!

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