Sunday, February 10, 2013

I See… A Tale of Two Immigrants

In the heat of congressional wrangling over illegal immigration, the Mormon Third Eye wanted to make sure that readers possess a proper perspective.  Below is the story of two immigrants:

Fernando Guerrero-Lara, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was awaiting a March 2011 preliminary removal hearing in U.S. Immigration Court in Texas, when he and a second man allegedly killed two people. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has refused to say why Guerrero-Lara, a Dominican immigrant, was not in custody pending his preliminary March 7, 2011, deportation hearing.

Mustafa Akarsu was neither an immigrant nor a US citizen, but he wanted to be. After over two decades of protecting Americans at the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey as a local guard, he had been approved for a special immigrant visa and planned on becoming an American citizen with his family. Instead he sacrificed his life for his new nationality when he personally disarmed a suicide bomber who attacked the embassy with a handgun, a hand grenade, and 6 kilograms of TNT. You can go here to donate to a fund that will pay for his family to immigrate to the US and send his children to college.

Which one would you want in your country?

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  1. You rock! Thanks for the clarity I wanted to make on the site but was shying away from. Mustafa's son, Sami, and his daughter, Hilal, will make wonderful new Americans. David R.