Sunday, August 12, 2012

I See... the Big Hug

Hugs in life serve a valuable function. They make us feel warm, wanted, safe, and loved.  They are especially adept in helping us wade through difficulties. In that context, the two most important hugs of all are when we are born, and when we die.

Leaving one estate for another in the plan of happiness is a difficult, traumatic experience. Luckily, when we arrive here in our little bitty baby bodies, we have nurses and parents and other loved ones surrounding us with lots of hugs.  We continue to enjoy many rounds of hugs until we are old enough face life’s challenges on our own.

I would imagine, then, that death may produce a similar experience.  Moving from our second to our third estate, with the attendant physical and mental pain and anguish, may be as equally difficult and traumatic.  I would expect that then, too, there would be loved ones on the other side waiting to make our spirits feel mentally and spiritually warm, wanted, safe and loved with virtual hugs.  

Never pass up an opportunity to hug someone who needs it, especially if they are passing from one estate to another; there will never be better a time to show them how much they are warm, wanted, safe, and loved.

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