Sunday, September 18, 2011

I See... Something More Important than BYU Football

Is there anything more important than BYU football? Regular readers of the Mormon Third Eye should instinctively know the correct answer to this seemingly rhetorical question. However, our son just married a beautiful young woman in the house of the Lord last Saturday. Both the reception in Utah last week and the open house in Maryland this Saturday posed serious scheduling conflicts with BYU football games. I found it strange however, that I really didn't care that much.

I wasn't heartbroken over BYU's loss to Texas last week, nor deeply disturbed last night by BYU crumbling in front of archenemy University of Utah. Why?

I suspect it is because I truly believe in BYU football's current vision promoted strongly by coach Mendenhall- prioritizing faith, family, and friends ahead of football. The standing joy brought on by a faithful son's eternal marriage quickly overwhelms the transitory excitement of a winning play, game, or season. Will I continue invest precious time and energy into following the noble exploits of my alma mater's football follies? Certainly. However, the heart and soul of true blue BYU football fans belong first to their faith, family, and friends. I am true blue.


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