Sunday, September 11, 2011

I See... Defining Eternity

The Mormon Third Eye is lately looking into really deep things. Eternal Things. It is just one of the many blessings of marrying off a son in the temple. On the surface, it is not hard to ponder on eternal things, such as eternal marriage, eternal life, and eternal Ward Council meetings, and limit your view of the concept of eternity to the duration of time.

If you really believe that eternity means “forever,” you can find between the lines of scripture and more modern revelation from living apostles and other church leaders a much more enriching and satisfying perspective on eternity. It is more than just a really long period of time- it is an action verb. If something is eternal, it is worth sowing, watering, pruning, maintaining, enduring, fixing, saving, and reaping,

I have some expensivc tools on my lonely workbench. They come with an “eternal” guarantee- if they ever break, the seller will fix or replace them. The creator of these tools knows that although they will be used a lot to build and fix many constructive and wonderful items, and may chip and corrode over time to a certain degree, they are tough enough to last forever; that's how he made them. And if they happen to break under great stress, he knows he can fix them, or in extreme cases, replace them. The replacement warranty is there but rarely invoked.

And so it goes that an eternal marriage, by definition, was not only meant to last forever, but also build and fix many wonderful things- relationships, hearts, souls, testimonies, and families just to name a few. As such, they are worth working on- the active verb of eternity. They are worth all the effort of sowing, watering, pruning, maintaining, enduring, fixing, saving, and reaping.

So, whether you have just started on the road of matrimony, or have been traveling along it for decades, don't merely think, feel, or be eternal: DO eternal!

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  1. Richard,
    As I can easily remember the spiritual tenor of previous discussions with you and the exceptional tenure of friendship we shared in closer proximity; this article brings you clearly into focus as I once knew you. I rejoice to read you now, especially how your words seem even more profound in perceivng and applying eternal blessings. How we wish Deb & I could have come to one of the receptions. It would be wonderful to see Deon & you again. Please know the Michaelis Bed & Breakfast is available 24/7 should any of the Taits ever pass through Saint Louis. We love you all! With warm regards, Debbie & Kevin