Sunday, May 29, 2011

I See... Getting Beyond Memorial Daze

Tis' the season to memorialize. A dedicated few patriots contend that the Memorial Day should be a serious time to deeply reflect on the ultimate sacrifice everyday heroes made on battlefields to uphold our freedoms. An overwhelming majority celebrate nothing but a three-day break from work to shop and recreate. As I sit here on a calm Saturday morning waiting for the delivery of a new fridge obtained at a deep discount via a Memorial day weekend sale, I wonder how much of me falls into which category. Have I fallen prey to the Memorial Day daze?

The Mormon Third Eye boldly proclaims the answer. To see beyond a daze, you need a filter that sorts out the truly meaningful from the merely tangible. The MTE proposes living this weekend with the following phrase assessing each action: “We honor the dead in the way we live.”

Honoring the dead in the way we live calls for reaching higher, working harder, and living more fully motivated by a sense of gratitude and awe for the lives lost on our behalf. Ironically, everyday heroes did not rise to heights of uncommon valor to fight and die for us so that they could be remembered as heroes. They did what they did to protect our privileges and rights that permit us to live in the most successful country on earth... ever.

So, honoring the dead in the way we live calls for us carry on with our barbeques and appliance sales, as well as our visits to war cemeteries somberly decorated with American flags. It requires us to enjoy them, however, more thoroughly and with purpose.

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