Sunday, January 23, 2011

I See... How to Be Truly Happy Doing Housework

The Mormon Third Eye, enjoys a long, proud tradition of providing practical advice to the LDS community on how to get things done. Whether it be how to stay awake in church, how to say really long prayers, or just how to shake the very powers of hell, you can be certain you'll find news you can use here.

Although technically, I haven't done a lot of actual, what you could say is housework, I have watched a lot of it being done and been the recipient of it for a very long time. The kitchen and the laundry fairies work overtime in my house to make sure that when I come home from the rockpile, there is yummy food on the table and clean underwear in my dresser drawers. I've detected little hints, however, from several corners of Mormondom, that housework can be tedious and full of drudgery. Hence, out of charity for those who struggle to find the joy in housework, click on "Happy Housework" below for some practical advice:

Happy Housework

Any questions?

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