Sunday, August 16, 2009

I See... TEN

    10 Ten. A perfect ten. In most universes of measurement, both official and otherwise, 10/ten is a sign of utmost quality and distinction. We measure and grade meals, mammon and sometimes even the appearance of the opposite sex by it. Hence, I decided that if I ever wanted to start my own personal extremely part-time thought-provoking news service, I would call it the “Third Eye News,” but refer to it most often by the imminently clever acronym TEN.

    For a Federal government desk jockey who spends most of his day mercilessly trapped within a mind-bending array of acronyms that make little sense in any form, to have an acronym that is actually pronunceable and bears significant meaning in both it's short and long form is a miracle to behold, an exhilirating experience of epic proportions. It is truly a precious gift.

    The primary reason for introducing TEN (Third Eye News) this week is because next week the Mormon Third Eye will publish its very first TEN breaking news flash report. TEN reports will be “factually enhanced” versions of real events, somewhat like historical fiction yet less history and more fiction. Just like a parable or fable, however, the story behind the story, the principle or feelings or emotions that inspired the TEN report, will always be absolutely true.

    Stay tuned...

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