Saturday, January 12, 2008

I See... The New Amulek

I want to be like the “New Amulek,” because he just doesn’t “know;” he “knows!”

I’m sure that some of you more perceptible readers have noticed my gmail address, “newamulek.” So, who is this “New Amulek?” Before we figure him out, however, it would be good to know who “the old Amulek” is.

From what we know about Amulek in reading in Alma chapters 8-11, he was a prosperous, prominent member of the Ammonihah community. He was probably a member of the church, but by his own admission, wasn’t very active. This is the old Amulek.

Then he saw an angel. The angel told him to feed a visiting, starving prophet. Later, after the prophet Alma “tarried with him many days,” Amulek ventured among his fellow Ammonihahites and preached the gospel with power and authority. His testimony was strong enough to both defend the gospel against some evil lawyers (most of the Ammonihahites who dared to argue with him) and convert some others (Zeezrom). This is the New Amulek.

What fascinates me most about the New Amulek is how he explains the change that a testimony of the gospel wrought in his life. He told the crowds in Ammonihah that although he was wealthy and well-connected, “I never have known much of the ways of the Lord;” then, he claims almost cryptically, that “I knew concerning these things, yet I would not know.”

How can you “know,” yet “not know?” Amulek, probably like many of his fellow Ammonihahites, knew a lot about the church and gospel- they were smart. However, they had not sought nor experienced the whisperings of the spirit permitting them to know the truthfulness of what they knew. Amulek was lucky; an angel whispered it to him.

I want to be the like the New Amulek; I want to know (have a testimony) of what I know (what I have been taught about this gospel of Jesus Christ ever since I was old enough to learn things). I’m not asking to see an angel, but I wouldn’t turn one away.

How about you? Do you “know”? or… do you “know”!

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