Saturday, January 5, 2008

I See… How to Name a Rock Band

Over the past few weeks, I’ve observed a rash of “Guitar Heroes” rapidly spreading throughout the blogosphere I circulate in(note: most rapidly spreading rashes are not good things and shouldn’t be discussed in public). My keen analytical senses have informed me that there is only one logical reason why supposedly grown men and women would want to spend inordinate amounts of time practicing how to play a guitar like a rock star- they are preparing to form a rock band.

This is where I can help. I do not play “Guitar Hero” (and therefore, have no immediate plans to form a rock band) but for the benefit of the teeming masses of our acquaintances who do, I can reveal the secret of How to Name a Rock Band.

It’s not that hard- here’s how:
Step 1- Choose any adjective from the following list:
Step 2- Choose any noun from the following list:
Step 3- Mash them together, and voila! You have a cool band name!

Here a few I randomly threw together: The Scrawny Peacocks, The Plastic Lawyers, The Gentle Stage Hands, etc…

Try it yourself and see what cool band names you are able to mash up!

BTW… If I ever was going to form my own rock band, I would call it “The Dead Laptops.”


  1. I have dibs on "Puzzled Blackbirds"

  2. ok ok ok...I have neglected to pay tribute to my honor, and I apologize! :) Well, even after checking the lists, I have such a hard time making decisions, but put on the spot I think I will go with the 'The Squealing Flamingos" I will be sure to change my band name, as now it is the totally unoriginal 'HotMama's' Thanks for your help!