Monday, January 21, 2008

I See… A Dreamer of Dreams

Blogs can be a great source of practical knowledge, so I’m going to take a chance here and ask for your help on a somewhat personal issue…. Just don’t spread it around, o.k.?

Are there any budding Joseph, son of Jacobs out there? I need a dream interpreted for me. I dream this dream, or some variant of it, at least a couple times a week. Is that normal? I’m operating on the premise that this dream will continue to hound me until I figure out what it means. Is that the way it works? I’m throwing this extremely personal information out on the blog because I’m desperate- I’d like a little diversity in my dream life.

Here it goes… (just remember, if dreams made sense, they’d be REAL!) I’m in the basement of one of my neighbor’s houses, usually the guy next door who was a mechanic for Giant Foods. We have managed to build an invention that works like transporter technology on Star Trek. Sometimes it’s a Dick Tracy watch-like gadget, and in other versions of the dream it looks like a special “superhero” suit. Anyway…

I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details of how the invention actually works (but it’s all in the dream’s long version). After making a couple of these gadgets, Deon and I and the kids test it by popping into the front yards and/or doorsteps of all our close family and friends (as a proof of my hardwired, innate sense of modesty, we never re-energize inside someone’s house). If you have read this far down into the blog posting, I’ve probably visited you in this dream.

At first, we hide from you the fact that we are visiting via the awesome power of this great new invention; you think we are just on vacation. However, because you are so smart, you eventually figure it out, or we feel guilty and we have to tell you.

At the end of the dream we are having a big meeting with everyone we have visited to decide how to move forward with this revolutionary invention. While we can envision the marvelous benefit it would provide mankind (solve the gas shortage, essentially get rid of poor/rich neighborhoods, etc.),we are afraid to go public with it because then governments and multinational corporations would demand to control it and use it to rule the world (insert evil villain laugh here).

Finally, we decide to keep it a secret amongst ourselves, and use it just to visit each other and keep in touch. Furthermore, in order to reap some modest monetary blessings from the invention, we decide to open an overnight document delivery service. The student doctors and dentists who have cycled through the Hampstead Ward over the years and have paid off their student loans agree to put up venture capital to make enough transporter gadgets for everyone in the group to use, and as long as we keep it a secret, we all live happily ever after.

There are no scary clowns in this dream.

So, can someone interpret this crazy dream for me? Whoever submits the first interpretation I like will get a special prize!


  1. I think your subconscious is telling you that you miss all of your old Hampstead Ward friends, and you need to figure out a way to stay connected to all of them. I beleive you have already begun working on the "invention" by blogging, however; it does not totally fill the void. I would love to have one of your inventions, so I could visit with fellow Hampstead Ward friends, hopefully in the future we will be able to invest in such an incredible idea. Good Luck!

  2. Wow! You are good! Is that really what is going on inside of me? And to think I recieved that great interpretation for free! A professional counselor would have charged me 80.00$

  3. Hi! Since you asked...I actually took a university class on dream interpretation. Too bad I seem to have forgotten any useful information. That being said, I think that you are looking with your third eye to the time when with your family you will be able to travel anywhere in the space/time continuum that will probably occur in the next life some time. What will allow you to participate in this activity is something that you have and that you consider precious, perhaps your knowledge and commitment to gospel principles. That all the temporary families that have passed in and out of your life need to invest in this ability is suggestive of your desire that those you care about or have had stewardship over but are currently not fully present in your life have also continued in their thirst for knowledge and commitment to the gospel, enabling them to also to have the millennial gift.
    So how's that for a shot in the dark? Great dream though. I love your blog, I never knew you were such a great writer!
    I miss so much about our time in Baltimore. More specifically, the Hampstead Ward. I have never felt so much a part of a ward before, like I knew everyone and cared so much about them. I loved my calling as well. Thank you for adding such value to my life.
    BTW, we have a new web site for our family:

  4. Wow. I am clearly not as good at interpreting dreams after reading such responses. I think I would venture to agree with just miss us so much (and all of your extended family, since you seem to be the only ones on the East Coast and they are scattered anout too) you can't help but dream up ways so that we can all come together EASILY. And probably you are just really used to keeping things secret, it's pretty much in your blood by now ;) That is a pretty awesome dream only recurring dreams are nightmares...about 911 not responding, I'd much rather have yours!

  5. oops, I wrote my blogspot address wrong. It's