Sunday, December 25, 2016

I See... Christmas Every Day

((Warning: This post was compiled while watching the classic 1996 made-for-TV-movie “Christmas Every Day.”))

If you're human, you've probably lazily pondered at least once in a stray moment during the holidays what life would be like if we could experience Christmas every day. Oh the music! The food! Presents for everyone! The opportunities we are afforded to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and vainly, in our puny mortal ways, desperately attempt to honor and appreciate Him through gifts and songs and service! Everything we think, say, and do during the season brings us closer to Him and fills our souls with joy. We yearn to learn more about Him and understand His great love for us. How much more wonderful would our lives be if we could live each day as if it were Christmas day?

The Mormon Third Eye staff, as a result of recently completed several minutes of in-depth research, has concluded that it is indeed possible to enjoy Christmas every day! The formula is simple and possible to accomplish under the right conditions:

First: Offer a personal, earnest, meaningful prayer to your Heavenly Father. Elder Bednar calls them “gut-wrenching.” Seek to emotionally and spiritually connect with Him with a heart brimming with gratitude for the greatest gift of all, the atonement of Jesus Christ, which allows us to repent our sins, endure our sorrows, and return to Him. Feel His love for you.

Second: Sing a hymn. Full-time missionaries and early morning seminary teachers get to do this almost every morning.

Third: Serve someone in some way. Once again, full-time missionaries and early morning seminary teachers have an advantage here also.

The Mormon Third Eye is launching a massive year-long research project looking for participants to test the formula. If you want to be involved in this landmark research study, contact the MTE via Facebook to sign up. If selected, you should be willing to execute the formula and report how close that day resembles Christmas day.

Next year for me will be Christmas every day. I'll let you know how it goes. How about you?

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