Monday, August 8, 2016

I See... Standing as a Witness

I See... Standing as a Witness

Standing as a witness is a key concept of our faith. 15 witnesses saw Joseph Smith's golden plates to testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and sacred ordinances of salvation are not recorded as valid unless there are witnesses present. And, in the most sacred contexts imaginable, the Father bears witness of the Son when necessary.

Hence I feel it important for the Mormon Third Eye to stand as a witness of two seminal events that occurred in Las Vegas on the same weekend; one eternally amazing, and another just plain amazing;

Just Plain Amazing

Several elements of the extended big Tait family were converging on Las Vegas for the temple wedding of a favorite nephew. One of my other favorite young married nephews agreed to pick me up at the airport mid-morning and babysit me for a few hours until the rest of the family arrived for matrimonial festivities later in the day (The fact that a young hip and happen'in nephew would WANT to be seen with me around Vegas is truly amazing, but I digress). He proceeded to pick me up a sporty white Mustang convertible and escort me to his truly palatial suite at the prestigious Hard Rock hotel on the Strip. When he and his sweet wife had arrived in Las Vegas the night before, both their carefully selected inexpensive rental car and hotel room had been sold to someone else in error. In an absolutely amazing feat of satisfying serendipity, they were compensated for their discomfort with their upgraded convertible and suite. My nephew, certain that no one would believe his good fortune, pleaded with me to stand as an independent witness. I certify that I did in fact see and spend time in the said convertible and suite.
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Eternally Amazing

Covenants and commandments were kept across generations, preparing two worthy young members of the church to meet over a sacred sealing altar in the Las Vegas Temple last Saturday. One of them was my oldest brother's son. With his sweet bride they made eternal covenants that included immeasurable promises of eternal increase and “all that the Father hath.” At that moment they started the bright new adventure of matrimony that will assuredly include recurring bouts of faith, repentance and forgiveness; of mistakes and miracles, patience and pain, joy and sorrow, and words of both planned praise and thoughtless criticism. And through it all, it will be their commitment to the covenants they made that day that will carry them through valleys of trial and sorrow.
A view of the Las Vegas Nevada Temple illuminated in the evening, with an orange sky in the background and the city lights in the distance.
I was privileged to populate the quiet crowd of family and friends in the sealing room to enjoy this eternally amazing event.

I stand as a witness.

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