Sunday, May 8, 2016

I See... My Two Mothers

I thought it would be a fitting tribute on this, the mother of all holidays, to introduce you to the two mothers that raised me.

This is my earthly mother. I've blogged on her heavenly qualities extensively throughout the years, usually at about this time of the year.  Ironically, what I remember most about my earthly mom was how deeply devoted she was to my earthly dad. They were a package deal. Neither of them were perfect, but their lasting gift to me was a very clear picture of right and wrong. I was taught Love at Home, Choose the Right, and I am a Child of God.

I haven't talked much about my Heavenly Mother. I don't know that much about her, except from a passing reference to her in a hymn and an excellent doctrinal essay the church recently published. I wish I knew her better.

The sacred pattern of families in the Plan of Salvation, however, provides me several hints about her character. Unlike my earthly mother, my Heavenly Mother is perfect. And that “perfectness” must necessarily include a perfect devotion to my Heavenly Father- a union of thought and purpose and action so complete and intertwined that, for us puny imperfect mortals, we may have a difficult time distinguishing between the two.

So... Maybe I know more about my Heavenly Mother than I originally thought? Hmmm....  

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