Sunday, April 26, 2015

I See... Unlikely Paths of Revelation

The Mormon Third Eye specializes in viewing unlikely paths of revelation. We always know that the source of it is God; however, in his creative and infinite wisdom, he occasionally uses the “weak things of the earth” as the chosen path to make his point. I was a witness to one unlikely path last week in early morning Seminary.

As the early morning seminary teacher, I know everything- or at least I'm supposed to. I've been an active member of the church who has been studying the gospel for the past 40 years as a hobby. I thought I had read and heard every possible explanation and analogy for precious gospel principles in 1500+ meetings over the decades, but I was wrong.

We were studying the Lord's Second Coming in the Doctrine in Covenants; specifically, the reasons why we know the exact day of his return. One thoughtful young seminary student expanded my horizons with the following analogy: “It's like this- movies are exciting and demand and keep our attention when we don't know the ending. If we knew the exact day of the Second Coming, our life of preparation for it would be much less interesting and exciting, right?”

“Right!” I replied excitedly,which prompted pondering in my own heart for a moment- “ I can't wait to see how the movie ends!”  

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