Sunday, March 29, 2015

I See... The Monument to the Unknown Member

We are all familiar with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Such monuments exist in several countries to memorialize the unidentified warriors fallen in battle. Their emptiness reminds us of lost names, lives, and loves.

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In countless LDS chapels and classrooms around the world there are too many empty pews and padded chairs that stand as monuments to unknown ward and branch members. Their emptiness reminds us of lost names, lives, and loves, possibly the fruits of missed Sunday morning handshakes or home teaching appointments,or perhaps rooted in years of personal spiritual neglect. We can pray, plan, visit, invite, apologize, fellowship, and show forth love in a myriad of means and ways, but in the end a loving Heavenly Father respects our moral agency and leaves it up to us to choose to obey and enjoy the blessings of church activity. Given the opportunity, what will you choose?

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