Sunday, February 8, 2015

I See... Going to Church with Harry

Based on latest calculations the Mormon Third Eye during his lifetime has attended approximately 3,000 church meetings with a vast, diverse array of saints across two continents and three coastlines. I've met humankind of all races and ethnic and socio-economic status, and have enjoyed and been edified by most of the these experiences; however, only a few of these meetings remain in memory:
  • Greeting President Kimball in Korea during a mission;
  • Seeing my wife through romantic eyes for the first time in a BYU student ward;
  • and taking my baby daughter out of the chapel between talks in sacrament meeting with her scream piercing the reverent silence with “Daddy! Don't spank me! I'll be good!
However, nothing yet prepared me for the memories made via going to church with Harry.

Recently, my wife treated me to a musical performance headlined by Harry Connick Jr. and his amazingly talented jazz ensemble. At one point during the evening, he sang a tender love ballad with the end of the chorus repeating romantically the phrase “you are one, fine, fine, thing” several times. He then asked everyone in the audience to sing along with him. I watched several husbands and wives instinctively turn to each other and repeat tenderly, “you are one fine, fine, thing.” I wonder how many marriages were strengthened or saved that night.

Towards the end of the evening he asked the audience's permission to “get spiritual for a moment,” and then launched into a rousing but still reverent jazz version of “How Great Thou Art.” He once again asked the audience to sing along with him- “my God, how great thou art!”

At the end of this song, my wife turned to me and whispered cleverly: “We just went to church with Harry!”

I've been to church with Harry. In these latter days saturated with the vulgar beats of Satan that constantly push us to treat much too lightly all the wondrous feelings and emotions that accompany the sacred power of procreation that God has entrusted to us, I highly recommend going to church with Harry. You won't regret it.

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  1. Well, the way he's treating Jenn Blossil on American Idol, I don't think he's very fond of the faith.