Sunday, October 5, 2014

I See… Man’s Search for a Happy Calling

In the LDS church, man’s search for happiness often involves serving others in callings: assigned opportunities to help others in Christ-like ways.  While all service ennobles and enlightens us, the natural man in all of us generates personal preferences. While it’s not a sin to want, we all instinctively seek specific joys associated with certain callings.

I thought I had what I wanted (not what the Lord wants for me or others) all figured out.  By serving in my student ward’s relief society as the passionate service leader, I met my future wife; you can read more that here. I later served for a few short years in the nursery and was hooked for life.  Since then, I’ve been blessed with varied opportunities to help others, all while vainly chasing my ecclesiastical dream of surrounding myself with nursery children for almost two hours every Sunday morning.  I was so desperately superstitious about satisfying my desires that I explored the possibility of applying Murphy’s law in a church environment and pretended to myself that I really didn’t care that much about little children anymore. It didn’t work. I resigned myself to the probability that I would be forever tortured spiritually by righteous but unfulfilled desires to serve again in the nursery.

This all changed in the Conference Center this morning during the first session of General Conference.  I was sitting in the upper balcony with my daughter immediately before it started watching the prophet and his counselors slowly walk up to their chairs on the stand.  Walking right behind the prophet was a younger unidentified brother who seemed to be taking care of the prophet in his old age; making sure his gait was steady and that he made it comfortably to his seat.  He provided the same act of service after the conference session concluded.

Now I have new dream.  I love the prophet with all my heart. I want the opportunity to personally look after the prophet.  I want to be that man. I’ve put it just one place above the nursery on my list of what I yearn for in my search for happiness.    

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