Sunday, June 15, 2014

I See...When Father’s Day Comes Every Day

If you are someone fortunate enough to be a father to children, how does your typical Father’s Day unfold? For me, with two grown children forging lives of their own thousands of miles away, it usually involves a somewhat quiet Sunday at home, peppered with an inspirational sacrament meeting, a few pleasant phone calls from the kids, and a favorite meal of my choice- this year it’s steak bites, a smarmy salad, fresh strawberries, and a homemade chocolate mousse pie for dessert. Yum!  Ever since my children have grown old enough to appreciate me, I’ve warned them that I only want two gifts for Father’s Day; their appreciation and their love- a love that can only be shown by leading diligent lives in conformance to gospel principles. So far, they have not let me down; I am blessed.

Today I’m pondering, what would happen if it was Father’s Day every day?  Personally, I’m afraid I would turn into a fat, prideful, and big-headed head of household. However, if we accept the divine pattern of living within families, then we have a Heavenly Father, the father of our spirits, the author of the plan of salvation, who loves us with a perfect love beyond our puny mortal capabilities to comprehend. For Him, every day truly is Father’s Day; he is completely immersed in making us happy, and all he desires in return is a daily “thank you” in our prayers and our love, which is shown through keeping his commandments.

However, I don't know what his favorite meal is...

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