Sunday, June 8, 2014

I See… The Real Power of Music

Ancient and latter-day prophets, apostles, and other church leaders bear fervent testimony of the awesome power of music to bring souls closer to Christ in unique and inspirational ways. Master teacher Boyd K. Packer said that “I learned too what power there can be in music. When music is reverently presented, it can be akin to revelation. At times, I think, it cannot be separated from the voice of the Lord, the quiet, still voice of the Spirit.” The message of music crosses generations and unifies congregations as they worship together.

However, I recently discovered another influential dimension of the real power of music to bind and befriend all members of the church, regardless of their age, life experiences, and location- the power of Song Pop.

Song Pop is a social multiplayer game in which players must recognize songs and then answer in a multiple-choice format. My wife is mildly addicted to it.  She uses the game, however, to cleverly stay in contact with friends and family from all ages and walks of life.  Whether it’s challenging a young mother in our ward on her knowledge of 70’s disco music, testing somebody else’s grandmother on Elvis favorites, or quizzing someone else’s child on current rockabilly hits, the key is that they are connected and enjoying each other’s company in ways that could never be imagined during the pre-Song Pop era.  Every time I hear sound effects ringing throughout the house announcing the start of another Song Pop game on the Ipad, I know my wife is working hard to cement another long-distance relationship with a treasured relative or friend through the medium of online musical matches.

Stay connected through music. Challenge all to a game of Song Pop.

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