Saturday, March 22, 2014

I See... Inner Beauty

Sometimes stodgy packaging doesn’t do justice to the slender surprise hidden inside.  Sometimes the beat-up poorly planned cover of the book is not an adequate judge of curiously crafted content. More often than not, outward attempts to represent inner beauty provide only a momentary, narrow snapshot. And in almost all cases, true inner beauty cannot be fully described in words; it can only felt or pondered on spiritual planes.  Such is the case with the Gilbert Arizona temple.

I had the chance last week to tour the grounds of the Gilbert Arizona Temple.  The orchestrated peace, serenity, and natural beauty was breathtaking. Every bush, flower, tree and waterfall was carefully choreographed to overwhelm visitors’ souls with the message that they were standing on the precipice of God’s presence. I’ve never been inside the Gilbert Arizona Temple, but serving inside several other temples teaches me that the temporarily pristine and sacred surroundings encompassed by temple grounds and gardens stand as an invitation to enter and experience a much more powerful and lasting inner beauty within its walls.

Come. Come and See. 

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