Sunday, March 30, 2014

I See… Hardcore Motherhood

Motherhood is not for sissies. This is the message I extracted from the most recent book published by the “Power of Moms” online community, “Motherhood Realized.”   This collection of essays, all short yet powerful enough to distract even the most discriminating reader during a bathroom visit, seeks to define and refine the life and purpose of “deliberate mothers;” it fully describes the range of responsibilities of women who choose to find joy in their divine nurturing roles, regardless of their circumstances and challenges. Its unique strength lies in accurately championing the distinctly multifaceted roles of all mothers, regardless of their station and stage in life, without directly judging those unfortunate women blinded by the morals and relativism of the world to forgo this path. All are welcome to discover and explore the potential, wannabee, young, frustrated, imperfect, impassioned, empty-nester, and proxy moms of today as they navigate life’s constantly changing landscape, even twilight fathers like myself. It confirmed the innate jealously I held as a struggling father for moms who were blessed so spend so much quality time with their children.

It sparked in my soul latent memories of my own mom. She now lives out the end of her days in a memory care center, and her Alzheimers allows me to successfully brighten her day with happy birthday wishes several times a year.  Mom was neither a scriptorian, rocket scientist, nor master chef, and our family circumstances required that she spend her nights taking care of other mothers’ newborns at the hospital while we slept.  She did, however, leave us a precious moral gift- there was never any question about what was right and what was wrong. Thousands of important, successful decisions have been made by seven grown children since then.

 I love my mom, and I love this book. Read it and weep. Weep for those families infected by part-time women who choose motherhood as a hobby, not as an all-consuming passion.

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