Sunday, September 29, 2013

I See… Why There Will Be Sorrow in the Celestial Kingdom


All we are taught about the Celestial Kingdom, where God and Christ dwell, is that it is an unimaginably wonderful, glorious place.  Streets are paved with gold, our perfect bodies of blazing light and energy will be too bright and burning to be seen directly via the eyes of those enjoying terrestrial and telestial glories, and we will be living completely consecrated lives with all things in common. Everything I’ve read and heard about the Celestial Kingdom from reliable sources leads me to believe that life there, in God’s presence, is void of earthly cares, pressures, and woes.  Sounds good, right?

The Mormon Third Eye, however, specializes in highlighting doctrinal footnotes that are too often overlooked.  I imagine the Celestial Kingdom as a huge heavenly Bishop’s  storehouse, where the inhabitants are wholly consumed in serving residents of the two “lesser” kingdoms as well as their own spiritual children, especially if they have eternally progressed to the point that have inherited all that God has, and are rearing a spiritual progeny.  It is entirely possible that celestial beings, while serving others with their perfectly empathetic hearts, will feel sorrow over poor decisions made or actions taken by those whom they serve. Kind of like God does now with us.  Since He sees the “beginning from the end,” however, certainly the depth of His sorrow is tempered by the perfect knowledge that we are learning from our mistakes.  Certainly the same will be true of the servants of the Celestial Kingdom as they progress further to become like Him.

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  1. Complete and perfected beings in a complete and perfected heaven will enjoy complete and perfected joy. But they will necessarily also experience complete and perfected sorrow. It cannot be otherwise.