Sunday, July 7, 2013

I See... Why it's OK Not to Celebrate the 4th of July

Regular MTE readers should be initially shocked by this post's title. I've always advocated the glories of choice and freedom on the 4th of July week... why change now? What has changed? Ironically, nothing at all. Hang in there and keep reading.

I know some families who chose to sleep in and skip the 4th of July morning breakfast. Others decided to take advantage of offered overtime and go to work. Some others, oblivious to the reason for the season, relaxed around the house or got caught up with housework, virtually unaware of the significance of the holiday.

The most important aspect of every scenario, however, is that none of these people were forced to do these things- they chose it.  They have both the right and the capability to do so because someone else sacrificed a life or limb on their behalf. Ironically, when they choose not to celebrate, they are choosing to exercise the capability bestowed on them by a loving Savior and the right guaranteed to them by a divine Constitution.

So... go ahead.  Be a party-pooper and waste most of your holiday launching virtual fireworks on your kindle or paying bills or dejunking the basement, with virtually no thought whatsover on the more patriotic side of the day. Just by virtue of winning the War in Heaven and coming to Earth, just by being here, you can't avoid commemorating the 4th of July. Every choice you make, especially the right ones, are a celebration of what we live and die for.

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