Sunday, July 14, 2013

I See... Headlines from the Millennium

One of the many talents of the Mormon Third Eye is an ability to momentarily see into the future.  To be more exact, the ability to analyze what could or should be in the future. Does life get any more suppositional than this?

In your mind’s eye, imagine picking up a newspaper in the Millennium and reading the headlines.  This is entirely possible, since what little we know about this thousand-year period indicates that life will continue as normal, except Christ will personally reign and Satan will be bound.  There will be births, deaths, marriages, families, work and entertainment, but without the distraction and temptation of the Adversary.  Circumstances will permit unprecedented success in missionary and temple work.  I’m still a bit puzzled about how it could be possible for Christ to personally reign on a terrestrial earth similar to the Garden of Eden and it still take a thousand years for everyone to recognize his divine role as their Savior and Redeemer, but I have faith that during the Millennium, when “all things will be revealed,” the answer to this mystery will be included.

Anyway, I digress.  I wouldn’t be surprised to read the following headlines sometime during the first few hundred years of the Millennium:

“ 72 100-yr old Passengers Twinkle in Train Collision- All Others Survive”
“100th Temple Dedicated in Cuba”
“Thonbottom Ancestors Visit Mesa 4th Temple, Provide Correct Birth and Marriage Dates”
“Lamb and Lion Caught Playing Hide and Seek with 2nd Grade Class”
“City Plans to Convert Empty Prison into Rapper Rehabilitation Center”
“City of Great Falls Baptized, Felons Must Wait”
“Unused Nuclear Silos Renovated to Hold Food Storage for Regional UO Clans”
“Revelation on DNA Sequence Puts Cancer Centers Out of Business”
“Genealogy Czar Promotes Relations Between Savior, China”
“New Technology Turns Swords into Plowshares at 200 per Minute”
“Last Lost Tribe Found in Malawi”
“Seal Team 60 Finds, Binds Satan in Underground Test Site”

I’m hoping that all the news will be good; there is every indication that it will!

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