Sunday, September 23, 2012

I See… The Late Night President Barack Obama Show with Dave Letterman

The Mormon Third Eye seeks to shine the light of truth on all corners of culture and society; it is not afraid to expose bias and discrimination anywhere in the world that does not threaten its physical safety.  In that vein, I’m proud to announce some breaking news in the confusing and totally subjective worlds of entertainment and politics.  There’s a new show in the late night galaxy of stars:  "The Late Night Barack Obama Show with David Letterman," on CBS every week night at 11:35 pm.  It’s replacing another show that had been occupying that time slot for many years:  "The Late Show with Dave Letterman. " 

You’re probably wondering why CBS made such a radical change to such a successful  show in its late night lineup- so do I. When I was younger and staying up later, my personality thrived on his offbeat humor; the last decade or so, however, my exposure to his hijinks have been limited to reruns of his hilarious Top Ten lists on the radio during my early morning commute. Frankly, I can’t pretend to understand entertainment industry logic, but I can definitely attest to the appearance of this new show, even if on the surface it has the look and feel of the old show- the only thing left to do is release a new title.  

As an avid seeker and advocate of truth, I believe that it is important for television show titles to accurately reflect their content. Over the past two months at least, in the heat of the current presidential election season, The Late Show with David Letterman has morphed into an elaborate campaign commercial supporting the re-election of President Barack Obama and the defeat of challenger Mitt Romney.  Hence, it would be best to change its name to "The Late Night Barack Obama Show with David Letterman."  

I have objective, clinical evidence to support my assessment. I had the MTE crack research staff conduct a thorough review of David Letterman’s Top Ten lists released during August and September (so far).  Their exhaustive research revealed that of the previous 150 line items in 15 Top Ten lists, exactly 30 line items, or 20% of the list total, included negative, derogatory references to Mitt Romney, while exactly 0%, or no line items at all, referenced President Obama in a negative light. The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from these statistics is that the show has significantly changed its focus from cleverly exciting viewers’ funny bones to getting the President re-elected; hence the assumption that an appropriate name change is on the way.

Please don’t make the mistake and think that the MTE is judging Mr. Letterman and President Obama. Luckily for them, we live in free country where citizens are permitted to speak their consciences without fear of retribution.   They are free to voice their opinions and views, and viewers are free to punish them for unpopular views with vicious and frequent use of the remote.  It's their decision if they want to ruin a perfectly humorous show with an overtly strong political bias.  All the MTE asks for is truth in advertising- if a variety show decides to become political campaign fodder, it should project itself as such- and not waste the time of viewers looking for equal opportunity mocking of candidates occupying all extremes of the political spectrum.

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