Sunday, September 16, 2012

I See… A Game for Losers

Every good game has winners and losers. Some games have more than one loser. Other games have many losers. But no game has more losers than lotteries. A recent popular nationwide lottery produced 1 winner and as many as…  176 million losers.

America is raising a nation of losers. Hawaii and Utah are the only states without a government-sponsored lottery.  We preach religiously that freedom isn’t free, yet we the people actively promote the tragic falsehood that you can get something for nothing.  Is this a case of fulfilled scriptural prophecies of civilizations “ripening for destruction” because those choosing evil are more numerous than those choosing good? Hmmm…..

The Land of the Free and the home of the Brave is becoming the land of the enslaved and the home of the spineless.  Even when the prospect of gambling and lotteries are debated in heated arenas of public opinion, the arguments are limited to questions about the amounts of money than can be sucked out of our pockets and how it should be spent.  The enormous social costs, which bear eternal ramifications, are really raised.

Yet the Mormon Third Eye sees them clearly. Fortunes are lost on earth, while families are lost forever, all in the name of imaginary increases in jobs and revenue.  I see a game of losers producing a nation of losers.  Will we lose a nation?  I hope not. The real winners here will be those who forgo the temptation of free money for the work of freedom, and it only takes a few winners to save a nation.

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