Sunday, August 26, 2012

I See... LDS Security Questions

Technology has taken over the world, and the LDS church is definitely riding the wave.  The number of apps being created by LDS developers both in and out of the church designed to further the work is truly staggering. However, true to the Mormon Third Eye tradition, we’ve found a critical corner of the technology world that needs more attention;  the mystical, frustrating world of security questions. What if… what if… an enterprising young LDS technologist hooked up with a major player in the business world to design a secure logon system that used LDS-themed security questions? What would that look like? 

I imagine that, after identifying your religion as LDS in the initial online account establishment process of your favorite bank or credit card company, the well-trained computer would generate the following questions.  Your answers to these questions would ensure that your personal financial information remains secure:
  • How many girls/boys did you kiss before you kissed your wife/husband over the altar?
  • What was your mission president’s most annoying personal habit?
  • Your favorite primary song?
  • Your favorite church calling?
  • The name of that lady in your ward who always cries and shares embarrassing facts about her family every fast and testimony meeting?
  • Your favorite remixed LDS hymn?
  • Fill in the blanks:  I’m ___, ___, and I’m a Mormon.
  • Where you really wanted to serve your mission:
  • My preferred imitation cussword is:
  • The preferred Book of Mormon scripture reference I quote to justify my behavior is:  
  • How many wives did your great-great grandfather have?
  • The song we sang almost every family night as long as I can remember is:

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