Sunday, April 22, 2012

I See... How to Choose a Really Good Movie

Last October I blessed LDS readers with a unique yet insanely accurate methodology for selecting a good movie; you can find it here. Since then I've tested and refined the process in the MTE labs, resulting in an added step that assists readers in selecting a really good movie; a movie that is not only family appropriate, but also dripping with engaging plot lines and complex character development. I will now reveal at this moment, in the live blogosphere, the critical second step to choosing a really good movie... it is...

will Richard stay awake during the entire movie?

I have many gifts, but one of my most prominent is an uncanny ability to sleep in movie theaters. At 9-12 dollars a pop, it's an expensive gift, but nonetheless remarkable. I can no longer withhold it from the world; I'm not one to hide my light under a bushel.. What is so revolutionary simple about this critical second step is that it requires no extra labor on your part- all you have to do is find out which movies I've fallen asleep watching in the theater. For your convenience, sometime during the next few weeks, I'll permanently post on the left-hand side of the MTE blog a running list of dozy films. It won't be hard to compile the list; my wife and kids have developed a companion gift to remember every movie I've slept through.
So...let's practice on a movie currently showing in theaters... say like... the Three Stooges.
Step One: Is the film rated G, PG or PG-13?
Yes. Go one to step two.

Step Two: Did Richard stay awake during the entire show?
Yes. Congratulations! You have just selected a really good movie!
Life and wholesome entertainment does not get any better than this. Keep visiting the MTE over the next week or two to access the list of “Films Richard has slept through.”

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