Sunday, December 18, 2011

I See... the Second Thing You Do When You Wake Up In the Morning

Way back in April of this year, the Mormon Third Eye offered timely, targeted advice on what your first thought should be when you wake up in the morning. You can read it here. Basically, I point out that that first thought should be how can I serve my wife today?” “How can I serve my husband today?”

However, in the grand Mormon Third Eye tradition of providing practical, operational advice that, if followed, enriches and enhances lifestyles, testimonies, marriages, families, and nations, I offer the next step; the second thing you do when you wake up in the morning.

The second thing you do in the morning should be (insert incredibly long pause here)... implementing what you thought about during your first thought in the morning. Just do it.

  • Like the New Testament apostles who dropped their nets and “straightway” followed the Savior...
  • Like the saints in 1856 Utah, who under orders from Brigham Young, cancelled General Conference and raced out to rescue handcart pioneers stranded and dying in the high plains of Wyoming...
  • Like church members in Davis County who left Sunday worship services to clean up neighborhoods from last week's record wind storm and prepare for the next one...

it's time to actually do the thought you were thinking. Serve the spouse you wake up next to.

One more thing, whatever you do second in the morning, make sure you do it quietly. Spouses angry over missing their beauty sleep may find difficulty appreciating that second thing you do in the morning for them that disturbs their slumber as an act of service!!

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