Sunday, October 2, 2011

I See... the Family that Sits Behind you in Church

You know that family that sits behind you in church? Of course you do. That young family, with Josh and Sophie, started sitting behind you in church a couple of years ago, and since then you've become accustomed to their smiling faces and clear voices. They talk a lot during sacrament meeting, but what they say to each other is always articulate and the unvarnished truth, which makes it all the more intriguing and engaging. Every week it gets a little bit better. Here's a few samples of what you may have heard just over the past few months:

“I wasn't scared by the hurricane, were you?”

“When that lady sneezes, my hair shakes!”

“There's an older man passing the sacrament who's not wearing a white shirt. Somebody should stop him.”

During a fast and testimony meeting lull between speakers: “If nobody gets up, that means we are done.”

Another testimony sacrament gem: “is a testimony a feeling or just something you want to say?

During a talk on parables- “Who would want to live in house full of sand?”

Unfortunately, that family that sits behind you church, that provides just enough of another pure perspective on what goes on in 75 minutes of sacrament meeting to make it worth remembering, is moving to a galaxy far, far, away. Dad has found a great job overseas, and Mom and their three little preschool wonders, including Josh and Sophie, have decided to go with him. You will miss them. How will you get through sacrament meeting without their brutally honest commentary?

The week after they leave, hopefully another young family will sit behind you at church. You can only hope that that family will bring its own unique collection of young personalities who nevertheless see the world as Josh and Sophie did- as an exciting future to be experienced and conquered, not a tired past to be conveniently remembered. Now the excitement starts to build... who will be that NEW family that sits behind you at church?

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